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Best Hairstyle for Girls : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

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Selecting the “best” hairstyle for girls can be a subjective process, as it depends on various factors such as personal style, face shape, hair type, lifestyle, and current trends. In this guide, Mohit Tandon from Burr Ridge will provide an extensive overview of popular and versatile hairstyles for girls, along with considerations for each style.

1. Long Straight Hair: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Long straight hair is a timeless and classic style that suits most face shapes. This hairstyle is famous for its versatility, as it can be worn in various ways, such as ponytails, braids, or loose waves. It is relatively low-maintenance, although it does require regular care to prevent split ends and maintain shine. Consider adding layers or bangs to customize the look.

2. Layered Haircut: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Layered haircuts add texture and movement to your hair. They work well for different hair lengths and types. Layering can soften a strong jawline and add volume to fine hair. This style is versatile and can be worn straight or with curls for a more dynamic appearance. – Best Hairstyle for Girls : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

Layered Haircut : Mohit Tandon Burr ridge

3. Bob Haircut: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Bobs are short to medium-length haircuts that offer a timeless and chic look. They can be customize to suit your face shape and style, with options including the blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, and layered bob. Bobs are famous for their low-maintenance nature and their ability to provide a fresh and youthful appearance.

4. Pixie Cut: Best Hairstyle for Girls

The pixie cut is a short and bold haircut that exudes confidence and style. It is a statement look that showcases facial features and requires minimal maintenance. Accordingly Mohit Tandon, Pixie cuts are suitable for those who want to make a dramatic change and stand out. – Best Hairstyle for Girls : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

5. Curly or Wavy Hair: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Girls with naturally curly or wavy hair have the option to embrace their natural texture. Curly and wavy hair can be styled in various lengths, from short to long. Use products to enhance and define your curls, and consider layers to manage volume and frizz. – Best Hairstyle for Girls : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

6. Updos and Braids: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Updos and braids offer elegant and sophisticated options for special occasions. Styles like the French braid, fishtail braid, bun, or chignon can be worn at weddings, proms, or other formal events. These styles allow for creativity and can be personalized to match your outfit and the event’s atmosphere.

7. Ponytail: Best Hairstyle for Girls

A simple and practical hairstyle, the ponytail is ideal for girls with long hair. You can create different looks with a high, low, or side ponytail. Add volume with backcombing or make it sleek and polished for a professional appearance. Ponytails are suitable for casual and formal occasions.

8. Messy or Beachy Waves: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Messy or beachy waves are a popular choice for girls who want a relaxed, carefree look. Achieve this style with a curling iron, sea salt spray, or by braiding your hair and letting it air dry. It’s a versatile look that suits both casual and formal occasions. -Best Hairstyle for Girls : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

9. Bangs: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Bangs can transform your appearance and add a unique flair to your hairstyle. Options include straight-across bangs, side-swept bangs, and curtain bangs. When choosing the right type of bangs, consider your face shape and maintenance preferences.

10. Colored Hair: Best Hairstyle for Girls

Experimenting with hair color can be an exciting way to express your style. Popular choices include highlights, balayage, ombre, and pastel colors. Keep in mind that colored hair may require more maintenance to preserve the vibrancy of the color.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Hairstyle:

  1. Face Shape: Different face shapes (round, oval, square, heart, etc.) can influence which hairstyles will complement your features. Consult with a stylist to determine the most flattering options for your unique face shape.
  2. Hair Type: Your hair’s natural texture (straight, curly, wavy, or kinky) will affect how certain hairstyles look and how much maintenance they require. Consider your hair’s thickness and density as well.
  3. Lifestyle: Your daily activities and how much time you can dedicate to styling your hair are essential factors. Low-maintenance styles may be more practical for those with busy schedules.
  4. Maintenance: Some hairstyles require more upkeep than others. Shorter styles may need more frequent trims, while longer hair may require extra care to keep it healthy. Ensure you are prepared for the maintenance requirements of your chosen hairstyle.
  5. Personal Style: Your personal style, whether it’s classic, edgy, bohemian, or eclectic, should guide your hairstyle choices. Your hair is a form of self-expression, and your style should reflect your personality.
  6. Consult a Stylist: When in doubt, seek advice from a professional hairstylist. Stylists can assess your unique attributes, including your face shape and hair type, and provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences.


The “best” hairstyle for girls is a highly individual choice that should reflect your unique personality, style, face shape, and hair type. Hairstyles are a form of self-expression, and the key is to choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Hairstyles should be an enjoyable and creative aspect of your personal grooming routine.

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